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  1. I hunted three days in Devils Lake in October for about the fifth consecutive year. We had really good luck on geese but not so good on ducks. A total of twelve of us hunting in three groups of four + a guide killed 72 Lesser Canadas (possession limit), 159 snows, and about 70 ducks. It was the best year we have had there for geese although some years we get some Giant Canadas.
  2. The choke tube websites that I have looked at show skeet II and light mod the same in between improved cylinder and modified. Some manufacturers call it skeet II and some call it light modified,
  3. Saw it happen to our guide's barrel in North Dakota two years ago when hunting there. If I remember right, the barrel came off the gun during the recoil after a shot.
  4. Check out the Patternmaster website. Patternmaster makes several different chokes based on wad retention technology to get improved patterns for different uses. Don't expect to buy one Patternmaster and expect it to be a perfect choke for all your shooting just like you wouldn't expect one constriction type choke to fill all your needs. I have seen quite a few people say that a Patternmaster is too tight but they undoubtedly are using the long range Patternmaster for close shots too and for most shooters it might be too tight for birds when they are decoying in close just like an IM or Full
  5. J J Mac

    what shells??

    3 dram 1 1/8 maybe, lighter probably not. This has been discussed here many, many times. See http://www.benelliusa.com/customer-service/troubleshooting.tpl. You can download a manual at http://www.benelliusa.com.
  6. As Mudhen wrote, there is no gun designated SBE1. The first was SBE, the second was SBEII. People call the original SBE the SBE1 sometimes to distinguish it from the SBEII.
  7. Sounds like you have a good dog. My comments after owning two labs and hunting with them for twelve years follow. You might want to consider force breaking to aid in the retrieving. There are trainers that believe all hunting dogs should have this training. I didn't do it or have it done. One of my dogs was an excellent retriever and the other not so good. If you don't know about this I'm sure you can google it and find info or go to the library and get some books on dog training. I have seen dogs that will come back and walk with their master when they get tired. I have also s
  8. I have a Benelli 1994 Black Eagle Limited Edition which I have been thinking about selling. It listed for $2000 retail in 1994. It is NIB, with fancy wood, gold inlays, shoots 2 3/4 or 3" shells. A supurb gun in new, mint condition with all the papers, etc. It looks quite a bit like the SBE Flyway at Jacques in a post above but is new, never fired, and does not shoot 3 1/2 inch shells. I think it has nicer wood. Let me know if interested. I can email pictures. I will PM you too. We could make arrangements through a third party (maybe Paypal?) to make sure we are both protected in the
  9. This might help http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=14742 I have seen cases where the firing pin does not stick out of the bolt face far enough to strike the primer sufficiently because of residue on the back face of the Locking Head Assembly. See Tucker's cleaning instruction link on the above thread. To check, take the barrel off the gun, remove the bolt and push the firing pin forward as far as it will go. If it does not stick out very far this could be your problem. To fix, dissassemble the bolt and follow the instructions I (J J Mac) gave in the above link. It c
  10. The Black Eagle slug gun which is what you have according to this post and your previous post was imported in 1990-1991 according to the Blue book of Gun Values. You can check with Benelli customer service but I am pretty sure that Black Eagle barrels interchange with Montefeltro Super 90 barrels and maybe others but certainly not SBE. If you dissassemble the gun and the receiver is in two parts and the top part separates from the barrel, it is a Black Eagle not a SBE. Also the Black Eagle would shoot shells up thru 3 inch and the SBE shoots 3 1/2 inch also.
  11. There is a shoulder on the front of the firing pin that prevents the firing pin from sticking out of the Locking Head Assembly too far. I have seen buildup of residue on the inside front face of the Locking Head Assembly prevent the firing pin from extending out far enough to hit the primer sufficiently. To clean this area, spray solvent inside the Locking Head Assembly, insert the firing pin and twist it in a circular fashion to clean away the residue. Then flush well with solvent and let dry before lubrication and reassembly. This is how I fixed one that this happened to. I had no
  12. I used to have a Benelli Black Eagle (not a SBE). This gun was similar to a Montefeltro and I think used the same barrels. It had a two piece recieiver kind of like a SBE but the top part was a separate piece not part of the barrell. I had a slug barrel for it and suspect it would fit the Montefeltro also. I think the barrell was made by E R Shaw.
  13. I have a 20 ga 24" barrel (blued) with all choke tubes if you want to buy it.
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