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SBE II - Shell being chambered stuck between bolt head and edge of receiver


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I was out Duck Hunting the other day with my SBE II and noticed that every fourth or fifth shot the bolt seemed to come back too far and the shell being pushed into the chamber would "get stuck" between bolt head and the outside edge of the receiver. I know the gun is "broken in" as I used it all through goose season (3.5" mag BB 1 3/8 oz at 1550fps). I probably put 6 to 8 boxes of these rounds through it on top of two cases of trap rounds.


Is it that the gun is "too broken in"???? Meaning the bolt is too loose upon recoil that it "over travels."


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.




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You might want to check your gun to see if it's oiled properly. The myth that "you dont need to oil a Benelli" is untrue. Make sure the recoil assembly is well oiled and also some oil on the bolt rails. I know that even after 1 case of trap loads a few drops of oil in these places make a huge difference. To tell you the truth, the bolt moves the same amount on all size shells.

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I had a similar problem with my M2. After getting frustrated and scatching my head I called a friend that is a guide and he said that it might be that I did not shoot anough rounds but I told him that ther was 200 rounds through it. then he sggested what threeshot has. after complete disassembly I found alot of build up that more then likely was from the shells that I was shooting I cleaned the gun and switch to federal ammo and can say that after one case of ammo no problems just my $.02 cents. good luck and keep us informed.

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