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I remember saying Id never pony up for an M4. TOday, that statement was laid to rest.

No F-Bdy Bs

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Well, that went to ****.

Word of advice. If there is a gun you REALLY want, but its a little more than you want to spend, dont go ANYWHERE where there might possibly be one.

Rolled out to Clark Custom Guns today to drop off one of my 1911s to have some work done on it. What do I see on the counter??

Pure Benelli Goodness. In the form of a M4 Super 90. Ghost rings, removable chokes. 1913 rail, and the EVIL Skeleton stock. Now, all I need is the mag extension. (yeah, I know,ill take my chances [bD]) Is DAVES Metal works still the guy to go to? I had one of his extensions on an M1 I used to have. Figure I may give him a try for this one.



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