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Recoil spring in stock


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http://www.benelliusa.com/customer-service/pdfs/Montefeltro.pdf page 82 and a 3/8 drive ratchet with 6" extension and 13mm i think deep well socket should get ya there with help of manual!:) to change drop shims is a breeze! no need to make it hard but if ya feel ya cant do it take it to a smith but on a scale form 1 to 10 it's about a 3 or 4 in difficulty maybe leaning towards a 2.
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Take the buttpad off first. Use a med. size phillips and dip it in vaseline (so it doesn't rip or enlarge your stock screw holes in buttpad) Then do as they say above and yes its a 13mm deep socket. Don't tump over the gun when you loosen, just ease the stock right off and you'll see how the shims & locking plate washers ect. are on there.

Now the cleaning part. With your stock off cause this WILL damage to your wood stock take out your trigger assembly (fire control group, FCG). Now,place your gun with the stock/recoil spring tube on a stack of newspaper and put your bolt with the bolt handle in and slide the male or 'tail' of your bolt back into the recoil spring about an inch or two. Just like your gonna cycle the action cause you are(note: if you let the bolt go to far forward you have to reinsert the "tail" of the bolt) Take a can of brake cleaner w/ the stream attachment and spray till you see the cleaner is coming out the hole in the recoil/stock tube clean. Work the bolt vigorously and "pump" out the residual cleaner in your tube so it doesn't kill your wood later. Now, do the same thing with some kind of CLP (Breakfree, ect.) and spray about a 2-3 second burst in the recoil tube with the bolt tail in there. The bolt tail has a slot in it btw, where you can stick the nozzle attachment of your can in. Now, vigorously work the bolt till all the extra CLP is pumped out of the hole in your recoil tube. If you don't place the bolt tail in the recoil tube you can't get anything to go back in there because the recoil spring has a plunger on the end that seals when the recoil spring is relaxed. This whole process should only take about 20-30min. Let your gun rest in the corner over night and the next day take your bolt and pump the rest of the CLP out of the recoil tube and remount your stock. If you haven't guessed it allready, the recoil spring on a Montefeltro doesn't come off, or apart.

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