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Does the barrel length really matter?


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But what if they are the same speed :confused:


What if the 3" is faster than the 3.5"? Does the 3.5" still shoot farther?


What makes the 3.5" better in your opinion :confused: Why do you want one?


I do not understand you. A 3.5" shell has larger capacity than a 3" shell, so it can either be filled in more powder or more shots. There is a balance. You can make a 3.5" with a higher pattern density or greater speed, or both. Or you can also design the 3.5" to hold so many shot pellets that they even travel slower than the 3" shots. But then why should I buy those shotshells? There are so many choices of different 3.5" loads. Anyway, a 3.5" is more versatile than a 3".


As I have seen, usually a 3.5" shotshell holds a little more shots and generate a higher velocity than a 3" shotshell. All the data are printed on the box, you can see and compare and choose.


Anyway, I cannot see any reason that a 3" could be superior to a 3" shotshell, except the recoil and cost.

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