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super nova question

alan yesilipek

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got this super nova and it really looks great. l dont take it duck hunting cause l have a super black eagle2 for that. dont take it quail and woodcock sooting cause its a bit too slow and heavy for that. so my question is if you were going sooting for quaill, partridge or woodcock what benelli would you take? by the way these kind of sooting is done from close range. l am thinking super sport. would l do a wrong thing by traiding my super nova for a diferent benelli? and just tell me why l should take it waterfowling insted of my super black eagle 2?

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sound to me your wife or girlfiend lets you buy to many nice guns. (hahahaha)


First, if you have a sbe2 then why did you buy a nova? Anyway, I'm a nova fan. I have a 12 and 20 gauge nova. Why? under 320 dollars. But if you have the $. Then I would trade the nova and get a supersport2. I've shot it and it is a great gun. Don't forget about the ulralight. Its only 6 pounds.


good luck!!

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