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woodcock hunting in turkey

alan yesilipek

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hi mates. you must think there is nothing in a country like turkey but i can tell you we have loads of woodcock. the season for them just started today. so l made a coice of taking my super nova. a bit heavy but fun.

got out of my car got the dog out and just before l got me gun out of the car my german kutsar {dog very good} starts pointig. so l went; get em fire. fire takes one step in to the bush and there we have it woodcock heaven. l was shooting woodcock like you would shoot partridge in the mountains. thay were flushin one after a nother. 10 minutes of hunting and 7 woodcocks. theres no phesents here we shot em all.:) were trying to shoot all the woodcock but theres just to many of them. can you help US with that:)

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