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Problems Removing Trigger Housing on Benelli SuperNova


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Hello,ive been searching since yesterday on my problem and havent found anything yet. Thought i would try here and see if anyone has had the same problem or know how to fix the problem. I have a Benelli SuperNova,i have put at the most 500 rounds through it. Since i have purchased the gun which was in April of this year i have not dissasembled the gun other then taking the barrel off and cleaning it. Yesterday i sat down to field strip it and clean everything,but i cannot get the trigger housing off. I have removed the trigger pins,done all the correct steps and it feels as if the trigger housing is cemented in there. It barely moves when you try and lift up and out with it. Does anyone have any insight as to why im having this porblem? Thank you for your time.



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Hello RWagner2680,


What stock is your SN fitted with?


The reason that I ask is that the pistol grip stock version apparently encroaches over the rear part of the trigger group, immediately behind the trigger guard and MAY prevent or complicate removal of same. I believe that you might need to remove the stock prior to taking out the trigger housing.


If, however, your gun has the standard, straight Comfortech stock, I'm afraid that I am at a loss as to why the trigger mech. is sticking. (The gun isn't second hand is it? Previous owner might have glued it in for greater security?!!:().


Hopefully, someone else on the forum might be able to chip in with some additional ideas. Good luck.



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