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R-1 300 win. Ammo


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When I was sighting in, I used cheap Federal Hyshok 180 grain. When I confirmed I was close, I used Winchester Elite XP3 180gr. , because that is what I use on elk. My problem is keeping it sighted in. Another forum member said," it may because during reassembling maybe I didn't tighten the gas cylinder all the way." ( I'll have to experiment )

After shooting all year with it, I cleaned it real good before going elk hunting. When I got to my destination, I shot it to double check, at 100 yards, it shot 6" low. I made the correction on the scope and blew the X out of the target at 100 yards. Next day shot a 5 X 5 bull at a little over 100. An other member posted the picture for me on the What Have You Shot with Your R1 thread.


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I have shot about every brand in 300 win mag. By far the best shooting and performing for me has been FEDERAL PREMIUM VITAL-SHOK WITH BARNES 180 grain TSX. I have taken most Alaskan game with this combo. Longest shot being on a Dall Sheep Ram shot at 400 yards. Check out my what have you shot thread.

This is a photo of my Barnes TSX after it went through both moose shoulder blades and remained just under the skin on the far side after a 325 yard shot.

Ammo link












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Thanks for the reply's. Steve you have some incredible photo's! Thanks for posting so all can see. My R1 in .30-.06 digests the Winchester XP3 150gr. great. I just bought a R1 in .300 win off gunbroker and am excited on getting it set up. Thanks Lynn

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