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  1. parachute

    Gas Piston

    Tucker, you said that you sold your R1, did you feel guilty selling it to someone? I'd like to sell mine, but I'd feel guilty putting it on someone else. I e-mailed Benelli one time and ask them if they'd buy it back and I didn't get an answer. Al
  2. EVGUSTAS 84 is sending PMs that when you click to read it, it links you to a porn sight. Al Carlson
  3. I have a R1 300 WSM, after cleaning, the zero changes. Last year I zeroed in at home, then cleaned my rifle, got to Utah, shot at a target 100 yards away, I was six inches low. I made the adjustment, blew the X out of the target. I didn't clean it again till I got home. Got a 5 X 5 bull though. If I had it to do over, I wouldn't buy it. Al Carlson
  4. Steve, the bore scope sounds like a great tool, I've never used one. I like you clean my weapon like a maniac. Al
  5. Steve, I didn't see where it said how many yards you were shooting. Al
  6. Steve, pretty good shot groups for 200yards! Is the easy trigger easy to install? Al
  7. Well, I wouldn't put out the money, extra scope involved with that. If you want, try Brownell's, here's the link http://www.brownells.com/Default.aspx Al
  8. When I was sighting in, I used cheap Federal Hyshok 180 grain. When I confirmed I was close, I used Winchester Elite XP3 180gr. , because that is what I use on elk. My problem is keeping it sighted in. Another forum member said," it may because during reassembling maybe I didn't tighten the gas cylinder all the way." ( I'll have to experiment ) After shooting all year with it, I cleaned it real good before going elk hunting. When I got to my destination, I shot it to double check, at 100 yards, it shot 6" low. I made the correction on the scope and blew the X out of the target at 100 yards. Next day shot a 5 X 5 bull at a little over 100. An other member posted the picture for me on the What Have You Shot with Your R1 thread. Al
  9. I have a R1 300WSM, I've had no problems as far the action getting fowled. I've shot a lot of rounds through it. Al
  10. I bet that the first time when it shot 12" low at twenty five yards, the mount supplied was on backwards. There is a front and back. It happened to me. I paid the dealer to mount the scope and they put the mount on backwards. I went to the range and had the same problem. I remounted it myself and it worked fine. From now on, I'm always doing my own mounting. Al
  11. Steve, thanks for posting, really nice. Al
  12. Very nice Steve, thanks for posting. Please post the sheep when you get it. Al
  13. I thought that I made a reply before, but I don't see it. What a shame that these great elk had to die that way. What state did this happen and did you take the pictures? Thanks for posting. Al
  14. Steve, thank you for your service in Iraq. It's pretty cool that you had your picture taken with Ollie, he's a great guy and a great American. I support our troops and the mission. Have you noticed that the surge is working, but the only news you'll hear about it is Fox. Being a Vietnam vet, I know how it is to be treated badly. When I was in Nam, it was discouraging to see what went on at home, then when you get home, people treat you like the enemy. I have a picture of me and Maj. General Melvin Zias when he was putting some medals on me. Well this thread is good, I just wish that more R-1 owners would post their pictures. Al
  15. Steve, very nice bear. I enjoy your photos. I'd like to see other people post. Al
  16. Well, I've had problems keeping it sighted in after cleaning, but my point is, reading Steve's post a bout the gas cylinder and then the rubber o- ring replacement. I just think that there seems to be to much maint. I have a Remington model 8, 35 cal. auto made I think in 1908 that I've never had to do anything to but clean it. It's just not a long flat shooting caliber. I've killed a lot of bucks at short range with it. Al
  17. I bought my R-1 300 WSM because I got to like automatics when I was in the Army. I served as a rifleman in the infantry ( 101 st. ABN. Div. ) in Vietnam during the 1968 TET Offensive. I had an M 16, I shot that thing for thousands on rounds. I have shot that thing till the gas tube was glowing red. I never had a malfunction, kept it clean, my life depended on that. I know the first M 16s had some problems, but after they got the bugs out, I loved mine, it kept me alive. I've had a few little quirks with my R-1, but after reading some of these posts, I'm kind of getting buyers remorse. I'm concerned as to what to do. Al
  18. parachute

    Gas Piston

    Great post Steve, thanks for sharing you experience. I guess I'm lucky, I have been cleaning that part. Al
  19. Let us know how the hardware store ones work Al
  20. Thanks for the reply. Do you have any trouble keeping your R1 sighted in? I shot mine all summer at the range, evry once in awhile make an adjustment. Then I went elk hunting in Utah, before the hunt I shot my rifle at their range and was 6 inches low. I made the proper adjustment and blew the X out of the target. Before I left, I completely tore down my rifle and cleaned it, I don't know if that caused it. Steve, I like your photos, if I can figure out how to do it, I'll post a picture of my 5 X 5 bull elk I got this year. Al
  21. parachute

    R-1 o-rings

    Has bothered to change the rubber o-rings? How often are you supposed to do it. Al
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