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M4/M1014 factory parts importation (or “Where to find a collapsible stock kit?”)


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I’d really like a fully functional M4. Since the news about civilian sales of the 11707, I’ve spent the last few days scouring this site to figure out how to legally go about adding the collapsible stock and full capacity magazine.


From what I understand, if I don’t want to make an SBS, I would need to add US made parts to the gun, like a full length magazine tube, magazine follower, and hammer/disconnector/trigger kit to be under the 10 part import limit of the 922r. This would then allow me to either add or make the skeletonized stock collapsible.


Even with a SBS, I am left with the problem of finding a collapsible stock to add to the now parts-legal gun. Since the current M4’s are only being sold with the solid pistol grip and stock and the collapsible kits are very scarce and expensive, what options am I left with?


I’d rather not buy both the limited edition flag M1014’s for the collapsible stock and a current M4 for the milled recoil tube, if I can even find the flag M1014.


Since Benelli won’t allow these parts to be sold to civilians in the US, does anyone have a sense of the legal ramifications of going to Europe to buy just the collapsible stock and/or factory +2 mag extension?


I checked the ATF site and it looks like it’s legal for a non-FFL individual to import parts (excluding frames, receivers, and actions) for personal use per ATF Form 6 (5330.3A) Part 1 Paragraph 7. Paragraph 14 makes is seem like I also need the Department of States approval since the part was made for the US military.


If this interpretation is correct, then it depends on the ATF and DOS approving the parts. Because of the fuss over the M4, I don’t know if they will. I also don’t know if they’d be happy with me trying to bring parts in my luggage, since this is an importation form using a foreign shipper and importation agent not commercial airlines.


Shoot, there has got to be an easier way. So back to the question of “What are my options for obtaining a collapsible stock?” Any suggestions or am I S.O.L.? Thanks.

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I would suggest buying the next collapsible stock you find on GB.com..they are becoming far and few lately.

I would recommend the one piece mag tube from socomguy on this forum..they are nice an fit well. If you have to have the factory 2 rnd tube..I'll sell you mine for 250.00

The stock m4 holds 5 rnds despite what the literature says 5+1 is plenty for me..

Chances are slim if you think your gonna lose your gun for not complying to 922r...I think you would have a better chance of being struck by lightning IMO Yes I understand better safe than sorry..but the chances are that someone is going to know all the laws and importation laws are very slim to none.


Buying these parts on GB..or where ever has to be cheaper than a flight to europe or where ever.

Good Luck on your search. Don't stress all these parts pop up from time to time....be patient

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