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Surface Pitting on Bolt Face


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Evening All


This is the bolt out of my Benelli SBE II if you look at the front end of the bolt around the outer edge you'll notice what appears to be surface pitting of the metal. My question is, is this normal? This has always been present since I have owned the gun approx 4 months now.




It is stored in a warm dry room and is not in a case, no other parts of the bolt or gun in general show any signs of this. I use CLP to clean and lube the gun only as the bottle of Benelli oil that came with the gun had next to nothing in it when I opened it.


Any advice/input is welcome

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This to me looks like a hot forging surface. I would bet money on it. If it was a cold forged piece but the starting stock of metal was hot forged then you could get the same thing.


You see this often in forging processes and unless you machine or hand finish them you can get this. My SS bolt has this finish on it but the front area that goes up against the shell is Super smooth (hense the machine finish). My wife's monte has this a little more


Anyway, this is normal and Unless something cracks or fails it will be ALL GOOD!




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