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SBEII shim question


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I needed to lower the POI on my new SBEII. Following posts in the forum I installed the C-shim, but I'm a little confused about how to install the retaining plate into the back end of the stock.


Following the direction in the manual I put the C drop shim in with the C facing the stock, the DX cast shim with the DX facing the stock (right-handed gun), and the CDX retaining plate with the CDX facing the stock. This means that when I look at the butt-end, I read CSX on top end of the retaining plate. Is this correct, or should I be reading CDX on the top of the plate?


Thanks in advance.

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hey bud i know it can be Confusion adjusting these POI's..when you put your front shims in closiest to the receiver,Slide your stock over the bar, slowly keeping the stock and shims on,point your guns against floor, sliding the shim facing the cdx towards the butt end and the and you'll be reading csx at the top while facing the stock's butt,Remeber DX=righthand shooter,SX=lefthand shooter and so the markings have to be facing in the right postion ,if not

your gun will shooting crazy,so yes you should be reading CSX at the top...


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