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Nova ?


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I was looking at a nova 26", 12g today at cabelas and they were trying to tell me that the nova will not shoot 3 1/2" shells? I was almost posotive that it shot 3 1/2" shells? Also what is the difference between the nova and the super nova? The recoil system?





I just picked up a Super Nova this past sat. The Nova does 3 1/2 the ones I looked at did and it seems

to not have the rattle on the forearm. The SN has a few features that are different the comfort tech for

recoil reduction, the built in comb and shim kit. I looked at the nova but for basically 100 more

i got the recoil reduction and a few extra features. If you bought the nova and added the recoil reducer

and the bracket retail was right around 110.00


Its a personal choice. If you won't be putting alot of 3 1/2 inches thru the nova you can get by without it or

you can buy a limbsaver recoil pad that goes over the butt of the stock 34.95 at dicks.


If money isn't a biggie go with the SN and in Syn/Black you can spend a little less. I got the Max 4.


Cost 489.00 For the Super Nova Max 4 Camo 389.00 for the Nova in Camo and I think the Nova in the

black/syn was 329.00 The didn't have a SN In Black Syn in stock.



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