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12 versus 20: I grew up taught not to shoot at anything from a woodcock to a goose or turkey over 40 yards regardless of load or gun. It taught us how to be good shots. We would stretch it just a hair on geese or diver ducks with heavier loads but we were using lead for everything for the first 20 years of my hunting. Now with all the great new loads, (and they do shot-string tighter) if you are a very good and confident shot, you can shoot pheasants and sharpies in particular at 45-50 yards, but that's really pushing it. I mention all this because you can do those things with a 12 gauge... but not a 20. And I know. I have shot many hundreds of rounds of 3" magnum 20's for pheasant and grouse in the last 35 years, and they are just fine out to 40 yards. After that, they can't compare to 12 ga 2 3/4 high brass w/ copper plated shot.... by the way I have a retired Ithaca 37 that was one monstrously reliable workhorse.

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Why is it retired?I bet it is ready to go out and rock and roll!

CH... you are right! That ole' Ithaca iron is still ready to go... but after it had gotten cracked stock wood, bluin' worn through to the silver (steel!) a dent in the rib and the front sight knocked off, and a little balin' wire to hold it together, I went and sent it to a great gunsmith here in MN. I had saved some great walnut stock pieces-- the buttstock a AAA beauty from Fajen, and the forend an awesome piece from the old Herter's store in Waseca- I had bought the pieces and saved 'em for years. Anyhow, that gunsmith totally retooled every piece and reblued the whole gun and checkered and oiled the stock pieces... and it is one purty #37 right now. I went and gussied it up so much that I couldn't bear to take it out and abuse it all over again. I'd be embarrased to say how much I spent in 1982 dollars to git that done! I may just post a picture of it!

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