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HK SBE vs. SBE 1 & SBE 2


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I just purchased a clean older used HK SBE for $700. I own two HK Super 90's, but am not familiar with the SBE's. I have a few questions for listers.


1) What is the major difference between a SBE-SBE1-SBE2? (I am assuming the HK models are SBE?)


2) When did the SBE begin coming with a high vent rib instead of the low ones?


3) Any downside to an older HK SBE like mine compared to the newer ones?

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Anyone...100+ looks and no SBE experts.


The only difference between my HK marked SBE and a newer SBE2 that I can see is taller rib, different stocks and way more $.


For the life of me I can not locate information on a SBE1. Was the #1 designation added during the switch from HK to Benelli USA?


Do short rib SBE have a impact/shot placement problem, hence the newer ones with taller ribs?

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Do your own homework :)


There is no such gun as an 'SBE1'.


All the other issues have been addressed here ad naseum over the years.


My blued H&K SBE was $1000 in 1991. My camo SBE II was $1300 in 2005. Yep, much higher priced. Dead on there buddy.


There are no major differences between a 1991 SBE and a 2007 SBE II. The II series added a few nice features that can be read about in their catalog or on their website. Hint; Comfortech stock, Crio treatment, Crio chokes, new trigger guard, etc.


I'm only guessing that the vent rib changed around the time Beretta Holdings acquired Benelli - maybe 1998 or 1999? Same time for the change in the ejector plate.


The only real downside is the suspect ejector plate in some older H&K SBE's. The older hockey stick plate can break.


I've seen 98% H&K SBE's go for $400-$450.


I've seen almost NIB matte black SBE II's go for $700.

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