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Correct mount for 50 mm scope

E the B

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Yes, I was referencing ring height. The scope arrived yesterday and I went to Bass Pro Shops (where I bought the gun) to get it fitted. It looks like medium will work, but BPS didn't have rings I liked. So, it's back to net shopping.


Film at 11 . . .


e the b

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I went with Leupold Mark V's in medium height. They arrive here on Wednesday and I'm pretty sure they will work. Film at 11 . . .


However, the safety on the R1 is not working properly and I may have to send the rifle back to Benelli before my first shot. Very disappointing . . .



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The medium Leupold Mark V rings are perfect for my Kahles Helia 50mm scope. There is ample clearance even with the rubber end-caps installed, and there is no need to replace the cheek pad with a higher model. The matte finish is a perfect match for the scope color.


I placed the rings at the ends of the picatinny rail that came with the R1. It left about 3/4 inch of tube clearance at both ends, and about 1/3 inch clearance between the scope and barrel. In summary, it's a very good looking, balanced mount.


Sadly, my R1 safety is indeed defective. I have to send the trigger group back to Benelli today for repair or replacement, and turn-around time is estimated at six weeks. The gun hasn't even been fired and I'm already in the repair shop. Arrrrrr !


I'm also interested in adding peep sights. Do any of you know whether or not I'll see them through the scope? Also, do you have any favorite models? Your advice is appreciated!

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