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OK found a load that shoots better in the 30-06


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That's work best left to professionals.

If I had confidence that you could DIY I wouldn't have to be reading the question from you ;).


It's not adjustable like a fine bolt rifle's trigger would be.

It requires skill with stones and polishing media.


There's a fellow named Bill Springfield in Colorado who does excellent AR trigger work.

Not sure if he'd do your R1 or not, but the setup is similar.


Google his name + trigger and you'll find him.


Otherwise, check with local smiths.

I'd shoot for 4 - 5 lbs. on a semi-auto like this.

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I am more of a 308 guy but I do reload 30-06 for a hunting partner. I like & use H 4350 & Sierra 165 & 180 grn Gamekings & Hornaday 165 & 180 reg & BT interlock SP's. I like 165 for deer but since the guy is partial to 180's so I usually load them for him. Semi auto rifles can have some additional issues. Some rifles it easy to adjust or change out a spring on the trigger(mod 70,A-Bolt) & it can get more difficult. The replacement option is easier on some. If it's the R1 I have not a clue.

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I'm not a gimmick guy, but I put one of these on my R-1 after I had the trigger worked by a smith. He got the trigger down to about 4 lbs. However I really like a light trigger. The EZ pull looks a little odd on the trigger guard but it does lower your pull by over 50% using simple leverage. Check it out, I'm posting a link to their page, but Cabela's has them cheaper and you can send it back free if you are unhappy.




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