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FFL transfer issue


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Hey everyone,


I'm having issues with an M3 Super90T I had purchased. It is a factory 8 shot with pistol grip. Here in NY, the gun is classified as an AW. I bought it as it was advertised as a pre-ban Benelli. As a result of not being able to have it transferred I called Benelli and ran the serial and showed a manufacture date of 1996.


Now, I am looking for the easiest way to have in conform to AWB regulations. I've been looking for a straight stock and have had a bit of trouble. Do you guys have a source for the stock? Are M1/M3 stocks interchangeable?


Thanks for any guidance you can provide a frustrated gun owner stuck in NY :)

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I recommend moving! Come on down to the sunny south- plenty of room and decent gun laws- I talked to the head of the ABI (Alabama Bureau of Investigation) and he said as long as the barrel was 18" and over all length was 26" anyting goes. I am thinking about mounting a slim barred chain saw as a bayonet! :D


Semper Fi

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According to Numrich they have them in stock and the part #'s are the same for the M1/M3. I can't say for sure but I believe they interchange OK. I could be wrong but you can always return it if it doesn't.



I have a like new straight stock / non pistol grip that came off of my HK Benneli M1S90


I might be able to do better than the $150 Numrich is hitting you for.


e-mail me at [email protected]

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