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New Tactical scattergun site


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If you have not already, check out the link below-




I ordered a couple of goodies from them and they went above and beyond the call of duty to accomadate me. My experince with them is what customer service should be.


Semper Fi


"As far as Billary and the Brady bunch...... they are mentally ill and should be pitied and placed in an institution for the proper treatment."

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They already had their 8 years of special treatment & have ruined everything The Gipper fixed !! They do not deserve 8 more years to make a spectical of the USA once again!! They need to make a NEW Deliverance movie with Hillary playing BANJO!!



Shudder....... I can just hear her saying "Sqeal like a pig! You dirty capitalist!"


Never fear- if she wins the nomination she will NOT win the general election. I will eat my M4 if she does! :)

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