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SBE II short pad...?


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I have had my short pad for about a month..It makes a different gun out of the SBE2 in my opinion.. Seems the gun comes up better , swings better and faster, and still very small amount of kick.....I ordered it when I first got the gun ....DUCK

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Dealer in Southern Illinois ordered it when I got the gun ....It came thru fast , must have been a fluke ...I have another one ordered for my 2nd. SBE2 , It was ordered about three weeks later . I have not heard anything about it yet ....PS...second one was ordered from a local central Illinois dealer... I expect it soon .......DUCK

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Yea, i heard the first ones went out and they (Benelli) had a delay on the second batch.


I don't a dealer locally that I trust, so I'm hoping to find one of the online places that carries them. I guess I need to call ol' Joel E. and see if he can get one.



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