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Looking for Standard M4 stock


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I am trying to find the STANDARD Benelli M4 stock, not the skelton/M1014 one, but the plain jane regular "hunting" style stock. Or even a factory PN to help my searches for one. The only place I can find it even listing it was numrich gun parts, and they are out of stock. I have spent the last few days just googling "benelli m4 stock" and going thru the sites to no avail. If anyone wouldnt mind hooking me up with a source I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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I cant remember what member refered me to this guy, But I just now talked to him, and he has a supplier that has them in stock.

Seemed like a great guy to deal with


Email is [email protected]


He left me a number, and I asked him if he had any more on your behalf, and he said he did, and feel free to contact him at this #, his name is Joe.



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Outstanding Fbody. I will call him Monday morning. I am currently out of country for work but this would be nice to have when I arrive back next month waiting in my room.


Also your user name, do you drive a Camaro or TA? I drive a DSM (may be a enemy of yours now), but thank you for the information. I appreciate it.

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spoolup, Are you still looking for the M4 Stock? I put a skelton stock on my m4. So let me know if you are still looking.

[email protected]


I too am looking for a standard M4 field stock. Spoolup has first dibs on anything of course, it was his post.Wagonmaster, If he already got his stock, please consider me second in line. Thanks. Caitke5@*******.net Gary.

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New here, hallo fellas.


I've been a Benelli Montefeltro owner for a while, and just now picked up an M3 with gost rings and pistol grip stock.


LOL, I thought I was the only one that likes the standard grip stock... So that being said, would the number to Acmesports listed above be okay for me to call for a standard stock too...? I don't want to step on toes. Thanks.


Also, if I get time I'll post up pics of my M3 (With the extended mag tube, custom modified steel heat shield, Streamlight Tactical Light, Modified Tacstar side saddle since it didnt fit stock lol, Meprolite ghost ring inserts).


That is, if anyone was interested. :)

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heck yeah man,,post some pics of that m3 beauty,I don't own an m3 but ya never know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Not a problem man.


I've got everything on the gun now, except for the mag tube.... and the light obviously.


I ordered a Tacstar extension, but it doesn't fit the M3's... Anyone else, be forewarned. Also, the Tacstar is steel, and adds a shitload of weight anyway.


I just ordered a "Dave's Metal Works" 3-rounder (extends to JUST behind the barrel like in all the pics we're used to seeing) from Midwayusa.com. It's aluminum so much lighter which is good for the inertial recoil guns.


Should be about 3-5 days, and I'll either post pics in this thread, or make a new one. Not new to vBulletin boards, but not sure if the admins want me to make a completely new post for simple pics lol.


Anyway, like I said before, I had to do mods to make the shroud and shell holder fit, but all is professional looking and didn't change the stock config of the gun... much. :D

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Or even a factory PN to help my searches for one.

I have spent the last few days just googling "benelli m4 stock" and going thru the sites to no avail.


Hmmm, on the first page of a google search for "Benelli M4 standard stock" you would have found this info on a Beretta spec sheet.



The M4 can be reconfigured without tools with a choice of three modular buttstocks:

M4 Standard Stock (#81041), M4 Pistol Grip (#81040),

M4 Telescoping Stock Assembly (#70085)



This is the one ...



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