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help needed for school


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I woke up this morning

Hoping today was not boring



Threw my bow in the truck

Hoping to bag a big, big buck



Their I sit in my tree blind

Anxious and confined

But now I hear something from behind



I see a big buck

Hoping to have some luck



Pull out my bow and draw

Hoping I do not flaw



I hunted


I think its good for 20 minutes.

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Looks OK to me.

There is no wrong way to write poetry, except maybe when it's written for a hip-hop backbeat :cool:


I would encourage you to think about the hunt a little more and about what you like about it, what you don't like about it.

Express what happens in all those hours spent where non-hunters think we're bored and don't see ANYTHING.


Tell the story like you're telling it to a blind man or a deaf person.


Sights, sounds, smells, feelings, senses tingling.

Suddenly you're on alert!

You're not sure if you heard something or felt something, but something's got your eyes cutting in all directions and the hair on the back of your neck is tingling.

There it is again!

Still can't pinpoint it, but it's something there and it's coming closer!


This is the moment I live for in the hunt.


At this point, you are so intuned to what you're doing that if someone were to suddenly ask you your own name, you've have to say, "could you repeat the question?".

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