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SBE II Understanding Shim settings


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Looking at the locking plate for the left or right markings.


My question is , Should you set locking plate up for right hand if it is a right hand gun or if you want it to shoot to right cast?


If the answer is set up for right hand gun my second question is How DO you set it up for left or right cast?

Are those shims included?

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Most right-handed shooters use cast off.

Most lefties use cast on.


When Benelli refers to LH plate arrangements, they are saying that the gun is to be set up for cast on, or for LH shooters.


The locking plate center hole is actually drilled off-center.

Depending upon which way it is flipped, the stock will either deviate right or left from centerline.


This is explained in the manuals.

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I'm dealing with this same issue tonight with my SBE II right hand model. I want a neutral cast so I'm gonna have to email or call Benelli to see if I have a choice of setting it up that way. Otherwise, I would set up the lockplate to correspond with either right (DX) or left (SX) hand per the owner's manual.

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