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  1. I'm almost through reading all 214 pages. While it is positive, it can still be restricted as the scope of this decision centered on having a handgun in the home. The states are still free to further restrict firearms outside the home which will no doubt bring about more civil cases for the supreme court to rule on. The problem is most of the justices believe as has been decided through previous legal precedent the 2nd and other original amendments to the constitution applied strictly to the federal government and not to the states. In essence, the amendments tell the federal government these are our god given rights and you can't restrict them. I don't believe the founders were concerned about the states' overly restricting their god given rights as their focus was on preventing a new government from doing so. The 14th Amendment came about after the civil war when newly freed blacks and white Republicans supportive of abolition were being disarmed and killed by local militas and police authorities largely in the southern states. This situation prompted congress to pass the 14th Amendment which in essence made it illegal for state militias to disarm blacks or whites. White citizens in bloody Kansas were also disarmed for different reasons and that only added fuel to the fire. There's a whole lot more to it than this but these are a few of the historical points referenced in the decision. Justice Stevens clearly believes guns do more harm to society than good while Justice Scalia believes just the opposite. This truly is a historic supreme court decision and I am frankly disturbed by the views of some of the justices. Particularly, those who believe we should mold our laws to fit a more global environment. Citing a law should be one which is "reasonable to a civilized society". Problem with that is when you look at all the rights American citizens currently possess, 5th Amendment etc. no other country in existence offers it's citizens the same degree of protections. So, we would in essence be diluting our own protections or liberties if we followed that line of reasoning. If we are to say a nation is "civilized" based on the scope and depth of personal liberties afforded its citizens, then we are essentially the only true civilized nation left in the world and our laws should be based on our constitution, history, and traditions not Germany's or France's, or England's, etc. Scary to think this is only a 5-4 ruling. Should the balance of power in the Supreme Court tip towards the liberal side, much of this could be undone in the future. In fact, Justice Stevens in his dissent pointed out this ruling is contrary in some ways to over 100 years of legal precedents by the supreme court. Stay vigilant folks. Your supreme court thought of the day: Would you go to a doctor who had no medical experience? Would you trust your court case to an attorney who had never before practiced law? Would you trust the maintenance of your car or truck to a mechanic who has never turned a wrench? Do you believe a supreme court justice is a position of importance at least equal to these three professions? If so, would you appoint a person who has never been a judge to a lifetime position on the supreme court? Your Senate is in the process of doing that right now...
  2. Okay, this will be amusing...back in 83' when I first joined the military we were gettin tore up by chiggers and ticks during field exercises in Florida. Spending several days in a foxhole dug armpit deep exposed us to lots of creepy crawlies. So, we would wear pantyhose to keep em from gettin at our legs. They were hot as **** to wear but they worked pretty well...at least for your lower torso. No...I didn't try a halter top and bra for my chest and upper torso!
  3. You should write Benelli about that one...they might use it in their future advertising if they can substantiate the story. That sez a lot about their gun...
  4. No observations just a thought...maybe your recoil spring has gotten too weak to reliably seat your bolt fully into battery? I would think that's not the case based on the number of rounds you've fired but stranger things have happened.
  5. sepp

    3" or 3.5"

    I've done some pattern testing with my SBE II using 3 and 3.5 inchers and the difference in pattern density is enough for me to keep using 3.5 inchers on geese. Try shootin some 3s vs 3 1/2 in larger shot sizes like BB and BBB and see for yourself.
  6. I broke mine in with 3 inch #2s/3s and 3.5 inch BB/BBB and a few 1 1/8 ounce 7.5s. Mine seems to be shootin fine.
  7. I'm not familiar with the Hush stalkers but I recently bought a set of Hogue plastic sling swivels and they fit my SBE II just fine.
  8. My SBE II does the same thing. I verified my trigger group is assembled correctly. Here's what you can do to prevent it from happening with yours: Let's assume your gun is completely empty. When your HAMMER IS COCKED and you lock the bolt to the rear, the carrier will rise to load an imaginary round into the chamber. To prevent this from happening, push up on the cartridge drop lever, then lock or pull the bolt to the rear to manually load a round in the chamber. This will prevent the carrier from rising...just like ranmcc posted above. If you forget to do this and lock it to the rear, there are two ways to get the bolt forward: 1. Push the carrier down with one hand while holding the bolt handle with the other 2. With the bolt locked to the rear, pull back even further on the bolt handle til it won't go back any farther. Mine goes back about another 1/8 inch and simply release the bolt. It will slam shut. When the hammer is NOT COCKED the bolt will lock to the rear and the carrier will not rise up to feed another imaginary round into the chamber. If your hammer is cocked, the carrier will rise to feed another round. At least that's how it works with mine...
  9. +1 tucker301 I think if this forum had a thread for satisfied Benelli customers and people actually took the time to respond, you'd see many more posts there than there are complaints.
  10. sepp

    SBE II Recoil

    Felt recoil is a very subjective issue. I'm not sure there's a foolproof method of measuring it. The problem with the blindfolded approach is you can still tell which shotgun you're firing. An SBE II feels much different than the Gold and the Citori. The forearm and stock shape give them all away. It only took me and six other guys one 3 1/2 incher from each gun to tell the difference. It was that noticeable. I had some extra rounds leftover and two of the shooters tried it again with the 3 1/2 inchers and they didn't change their minds. If you read through this Benelli forum you'll find I'm not the only one who believes this. Don't get me wrong, I don't think the SBE II recoil is abusive. In fact, it is still my favorite auto shotgun but as a result of all this, I am considering buying a gas gun. I guess I just wanna see how the other side lives...
  11. sepp

    SBE II Recoil

    A couple weeks ago seven of us compared the recoil between a Browning Gold Hunter, SBE II, and Citori all three chambered in 3 1/2 inch. I posted the results in the ShotgunWorld forum. Although I foolishly left the sling and swivels on the Browning Gold which made it even heavier, six of us thought the Gold had the least recoil using 2 3/4 inch and 3 inch shells. All seven of us thought the Gold had the least recoil using 3 1/2 roman candles. That little test convinced me felt recoil is different than measured recoil. The Benelli video results may be technically correct but our shoulders disagreed. BTW, I shoot a SBE II and I'm not a Benelli hater.
  12. I'm definitely no expert and there are much more Benelli knowledgable folks on this board than me. I can come up with 3 reasons off the top of my head why the shotgun may not be chambering rounds: 1. Dirty or weak recoil spring 2. Not enough or too much lubrication causing the bolt to hang up 3. Out of spec receiver, bolt body or chamber Apparently, the ammo is not the problem cause I assume you've used several different brands. You might want to just call Benelli and ask them about the situation. Could it be the recoil spring in your stock doesn't have the power to reliably seat the round in the chamber? In other words, the next time it hangs up, see how much force it takes for you to manually push the bolt handle forward to fully chamber the round.
  13. Dutchman, What is your cleaning regimen and how are you lubricating the shotgun? I ask because if it were a mechanical problem you'd think it would have started malfunctioning right away not after the initial break in period.
  14. sepp

    Jet drive??

    WillieP, I'm not sure how old or what brand of motor you're runnin but I've seen jets on just about everything. I would start by contacting the manufacturer of your motor or a local dealer to find out what's available. I don't know what state you are in but the west coast (Washington, Oregon etc.) should have some for sale. This link should get you started. http://www.outboardjets.com/index.php When it comes time to mount it, you'll need to ensure it sits at the correct height to get the maximum performance. Many folks in my area are now running boats with tunnel hulls so the jet foot is slightly above the bottom of the boat in line with the tunnel. Flat bottom boats work too, the jet foot is mounted slightly below the bottom of the boat when viewed from behind. Jimmyg, Jets will run in pretty shallow water. It all depends on your horsepower and load. My concept of a marsh might be different from yours based on where I live. In a marsh up here, folks use airboats cause a jet will just suck weeds into the intake grate and clog it. Sandy creeks are no problem as the sand usually just gets sucked in and blown out the back. We often run a 20ft Alweld with a 115 e-tec through a couple inches of water with no problem. As long as we stay on step we're good. If we slow down we run the risk of gettin hung up. Jets are not the end all be all of watercraft but with the right boat and horsepower and load you can run in water a lot shallower than you think.
  15. sepp

    Jet drive??

    Up here in Alaska we use jet drives a lot...in both inboard and outboard configuration. Conventional wisdom says you'll lose roughly 1/3 of your horsepower with the impeller vs the propeller. Not only will weeds clog your intake grate, rocks will too. Really small rocks and gravel will make it through the grate and be spit out the back. Over time this erodes your impeller which will then require sharpening and shimming. Occasionally, some rocks will lodge in the intake grate and you'll quickly notice the loss in thrust. When that happens, you kill the motor, tilt it up and pull the rocks out...usually with a pliers. If you plan on running in really shallow water your other options are a Go-devil type of surface drive or what some people up here call a jack&$$ lift. In other words, you run a prop and when the water gets too shallow, you slam the prop out of the water to glide over the shallow gravel bar and then drop it back down once the water is deeper. The jack&$$ lift isn't really a viable option IMHO. Most people up here run jets in shallow water and props in deeper rivers, lakes and saltwater. Some swap between jet and prop drives based on where they are running. In some rivers up here you really don't have a choice. If you want to hunt or fish it ya gotta run a jet. As far as maintainance goes, after each use, ya take your grease gun and lube one fitting and you're done. There's not much to jet drives. Be sure to check all your bolts connecting the jet "foot' to the "bowl" to make sure they are tight and you're ready to go. They are very reliable. Without a second thought to reliability, we will run 60 miles up a river to go pike fishing, camp for a couple days and come home. I know folks who will run them for several hundred miles down the Yukon River before stopping to hunt or fish. We even take em into saltwater and halibut fish when the weather cooperates. The only time I've had a serious problem with a jet we couldn't fix on the spot was when the entire foot held on by 9 bolts fell off in the Yukon River. I had to drive 100+ miles back to Fairbanks to pick up a replacement. Had we checked those bolts before putting the boat in the water that wouldn't have happened. In my view, the most cost effective solution is to buy a new lower unit with a jet for your current 40 horsepower motor and swap out between jet and prop when you need to. Of course, you could always buy a new motor with factory jet and buy a seperate lower unit and prop for it if you're itchin to get a new one. Feel free to email me with more specific questions if you have any.
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