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My SBE II Shoots to the Right


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I pattern tested my new SBE II and I'm shootin to the right at 40 yards. I called Benelli customer service to ask if I could set up a neutral cast on the stock and the answer is no....it's either cast on or cast off. I explained about the patterning problem and she said I should try different choke tubes to rule them out and keep all my targets in the event it's the barrel and I have to send it back. So, it's back to the range with a variety of ammo to make sure it isn't me, the load, or the choke tube. I shot my new Browning Citori during the same session and both barrels were slightly high with the pattern evenly distributed around my point of aim. Any of you have issues with pattern testing your SBE IIs? Any feedback will be much appreciated.

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Thanks. I figured that's how it would work but thought I'd call Benelli anyway just in case they were making an aftermarket "neutral cast" shim and/or locking plate. So, back to my original question in this thread, did your shotgun pattern acceptably? Just out of curiousity, does it shoot to different points of impact with different loads?

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