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How tight is too tight?


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I recently replaced my choke on my M4. It now seems after about 8 shots it gets loose and starts backing out. I thought I tightened it enough, but is there such a thing as too tight? How do I know when I have it tight enough?

Thanks in advance,

Ok what did ya replace it with? did ya use choke tube lube? should not loosen after 8 rounds and shooting a shotgun with a loose tube could be a barrel bulging experience!! what type of wrench were ya using to tighten new choke?

http://www.trulockchokes.com/chokeinfo.asp go down to choke cleaning and tightening, hope this helps but i do not know what type of wrench comes with the M4, if it is like the SBEII wrench it is LAME! and PITA to get tube tight! would also never leave tube in barrel tight while you were between shooting trips! back it out a little and just remember to tighten before us!! stuck choke tubes are expensive to remove!

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I replaced it with a Benelli Improved Cylinder choke. I did use choke lube. I used the factory wrench that came with my M4. It is a long T-handle type wrench that has 4 small arms that go into the choke so you can tighten it. I did clean the threads, as a matter of fact, the other side of the wrench is a thread cleaner, so I did do those steps to ensure that the threads were clean. I am thinking that after reading the manual, I did not tighten it enough to begin with. So that may have been the problem to begin with. I went back and tightened it a little more, and it seems to be holding, I just wanted to find out what was actually too tight.


Thanks Hogwild....

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