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reloading 20ga


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I picked up my friends dad’s (died 2yrs ago) 20 ga reloader and supplies (fed 209 primers, rem rxp20 wads, win ball 473aa power 10lbs, no hulls!! can I use win AA hull with this power and primers? I can't find any recipes for the supplies that I have and he doesn’t know. What grain might I be throwing because he had a lot of bushings and bars with it for 12ga and 20 ga any help would be great? THANKS IN ADVANCE

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bebsbe12, the RXP20 wad is a 7/8oz wad so that's your max with this wad! i'd ditch the old powder, pic up some Rem SP20 wads and make the following field/target loads;


Hull: Federal Plastic Hunting "paper basewad"

Load: 7/8 oz

Powder: Universal Clays

Charge: 18.0 grs

Primer: Fed209

Wad: Rem RXP20

Velocity:1259 fps

MEC Bushing: 23


Hull: Federal Plastic Hunting "paper basewad"

Load: 1 oz

Powder: Universal Clays

Charge: 19.5 grs

Primer: Fed209

Wad: Rem SP20

Velocity:1212 fps

MEC Bushing: 25


These loads come from the Lyman 4th Edition Shotshell Reloading Handbook. I've been using the Hodgdon Universal Clays for many of my 16 gauge reloading and it is a very good powder. Buy this book it has a ton of usefull info regarding your MEC loader!


BTW- MEC single stage charge bars have a number stamped on the end "302" followed by "78" or "100" or"118"....equal 7/8oz, 1 oz 1-1/8oz. A "502" bar is for a progressive loader not single stage.

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