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Where do I start?


1) Many Benelli dealers sell 24" Benellis cheaper than 26/28. I've seen that trend since at least 1995. It's all about demand. They show the same price in Benelli catalogs & my dealer says they are the same, but he too has sold 24" cheaper in the past. He says because they are so hard to sell, but I cannot prove or disprove that comment. Our group bought 10 Realtree Hardwood 24" Novas back in 2000 for around $240 each from a dealer in Tennessee. Ugly guns, but they go bang.


2) The Steady-Grip program is 100% the dealer's decision to participate or not participate. It is an optional promotion and tied in to the dealer's purchases, which is his business, not yours. It came over as an e-mail to my dealer and he hit the delete button immediately.


That being said, just hammer away at Benelli's CS because it has been posted here that they will give in if you complain enough. Do a search for the promo and you will find the previous post. I think they will take care of you if they still have SG's in stock.


3) What does $1000 have to do with anything? Are you saying that if it were a $200 gun it would be ok to screw the customer? Should they give 10x the promo if it's a $10,000 gun? You make no sense here.


4) Yes, yes, yes. SW had better sheit or get off the pot. Their CS notoriously sucks. They really hurt the average joe sportsman with their infamous misinformation.


Good luck with the SG - I bet you get it smile.gif


mudhen - CA

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