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Nova Recoil Reducer


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no prob, i would think the name on it's side would go B towards front of reciever and the I to the rear of the butt plate? never used one but i am sure someone will post up soon!!:) not sure if cylinder make a difference on how it fits into plastic housing? but i am sure it would probably make a difference!!

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Remove the buttstock recoil pad by gently but strongly pulling it down from the top to the bottom and pulling it towards you. It is slightly bendable and has two plastic forms that engage mating plastic ledges inside the buttstock.


The plastic bracket goes in first. It screws into pre-molded, pre-drilled holes using the screws provided. A long Phillips head screwdriver is needed. Yes, you can put it in wrong, but the tube should align generally with the lower edge of the buttstock and the screw holes will line up. Take care to snug these screws up gently, and not damage the screw head slots. You will need to find a nice soft place to rest the action of the shotgun as you push downwards and screw the screws into position.


The mercury tube goes into the bracket.


The hose goes in over the tube.


The metal clip slips into the bracket slot.


The recoil pad is inserted into the lower recess, then whomped into place and snapped into position.


The removable recoil pad is designed so you can take the 14 oz recoil reducer in and out to suit your sporting needs.

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