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Camo Cordoba?


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I tried calling the number but was on hold for 30 minutes until sent to a voice mail. I'm just trying to figure out it they are ever going to offer the Cordoba in camo & it so when will it ship?


Last year at the 2007 SHOT Show I held one & was told it would ship last Summer, now it's this Summer?

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Ok Crystal Ball has warmed up! Benelli just told me that they have been in BO status for a LONG time and they only get from customs say 25 to 30 guns at a time and that they have been filling allready paid for Cordoba orders since last year and continue to fill BO before they will be in Retail stores ,if ya want one BUY one and wait? They like all other Companys have the wonderful machine ya gotta talk to but i was on hold only say 3 minutes and if Benelli Italia only ships them in small quantitys what can be done is very little. She said if ya want one order one and it will go BO and this is not too uncommon cause it took me 4 months to get my SBEII back in 2003. Why they can't get outta BO status i have no clue and they said they get what Benelli ships them and they send to dealers that have the first or earliest BO dates and trying to guess why it's like this is not in my Crystall Ball. I will say their CS is outstanding just like my FLAWLESS SBEII!:)

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