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jellyhead for m2


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I was at the store yesterday to purchase a jellyhead for the benelli m2. I found that the one labeled beretta/benelli does not fit. I assume it fits the sbe/m1. they did not have any JH that was marked for SBE2/M2. There was one on the shelf for a Beretta extrema 1 & 2. On the back of that package it says it is interchangable with the optima plus choke tubes. The salesman took it out and it screwed right into a M2 he had there. It seems to fit perfect. I havenot yet shot it. I just dont want to do any damage to the barrel. On Primos web site it states the choke for the SBE2/M2 is no. 6912. this choke is a 6913. Any help would be appreciated.

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Funny how Primos trying to create less confusion may have created more confusion.


I'm not 100% sure (only about 99.99%) that #6912 and #6913 are the exact same choke tube. Both are .660. This is a tad odd because the bore ID's are not the same.


Seperate packages are often used to keep things simple (and sell more product).


Some with an Xtrema or SBE II/M2 may want to buy a choke that appears to be made specially for their gun.


I'm a bit surprise that the #6913 is not a .665 or .670, but since most shoot lead, it's probably just fine.

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thanks for the help. I would guess that the 6912 and 6913 are the same choke. Just to be safe I had the store order me the one marked for benelli. Even the customer service guy at primos could not give a definate answer to the interchangablity.

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Trulock would be the guys ya need to ask this question to i guess since Optima is their designation, not sure if it would cause issues but if ya wanted to run the 6913 i would call them and since they manufacture benelli OEM chokes they should know if the thread application would be an issue if anyone would? Myself would stick with the 6912 if i had the SBEII or M2 per benelli choke chart and primos website. Why do ya wanta use a Extrema I or II tube in a SBEII or M2?

http://www.trulockchokes.com/interchange.htm it talks about the difference between the 2 here but does not say what ya wanta hear it just says bore different size like mudhen said!

Trulock # 1-800-293-9402 free call but they will probably help if they can?

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