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new super nova


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New to the group,but have a question. Read on fourm about rhino and nitro shooting wild patterns. Some with 300 to 400 pellets in 10in circle at 40yrds?? Possible ?? from 3.5 of 4x5x7. How many pellets in that shell anyway.. Thanks


you better double check those numbers....maybe in a 30" diameter circle @ 40yds! ;)


welcome aboard, btw!

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Thanks for responding 10. Got info on this site,don't remember the listing name. Someone else states that his friend killed a globber at 96 yrds and a hen at 116 yrds.Nitros are costly.Are they worth it..By the way 10 are you the same commander on tv. See commerical lots in Louisiana..:rolleyes:

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my "tag" is a quote from the Duck Commander.....nope i'm not the same guy!


I'm a reloader, trky, for my 10ga and i use similar components as the Nitro boys, even shoot a Rhino in the 10....Nitro makes good stuff but if your willing to do a little research and pattern a few factory loads in the benelli's you can have a good shooter out to 40 yds....look at mudhen's posts with respect to his jellyhead and win XR's for example! he is getting more than 100 pellets in a 10" diameter circle and the patterns are consistant and uniform, too. My SBE's & M1's (12ga) are using .665" kick's tubes and copper plated federal's (5's & 6's) with good results and throwing excellent patterns to 35yds.....35yd patterns are a breeze....when you start going beyond that range things can get ugly real fast!


finally, don't believe everything you read about shots over 40-45yds on ANY forum....most guys "pace" their shots and the reality few will truely be as far as they claim! it sure sounds impressive though.....

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