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Nova and Stoeger P-350 similar parts?


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Does anybody know if there are common parts between the Nova/Supernova and the Stoeger P-350? I was looking in a gun catalogue and they say that the P-350 uses a "Benelli designed pump action bolt". As far as I know, the only pumps that Benelli make are the Nova/Supernova. If this is the case, then the bolts should be compatable. Maybe barrels too? The guns look fairly similar, but I wonder if they'd be designed so that you'd have to go with the more expensive benelli parts. Any ideas?

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No, I don't need spare parts yet, and I'm pretty sure I won't ever :) I've been putting together a kit of spare parts that I'll be bringing out to our summer field camps. We'll be very far away from resupply so I want to make sure I keep some spares on hand just in case. I thought that the Stoeger's parts would be easier to get and perhaps a little cheaper. No luck though, back to plan A.

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