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What type of slugs can I shoot out of my M4


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Foster slugs if it's a smoothbore barrel. Sabot slugs are designed to spin and shed the plastic cup. If they don't, they tend to pitchpole and yaw; degrading accuracy badly. Federal Truball is a good choice if you're looking for long range accuracy ... for hunting for example. It's a relative new design and seems to be getting quite a bit of good press. Shotguns are notoriously fickle about what brand and load of slug they like. My advice would be to buy a few boxes of each and test them to see which shoots best in your particular M4. Any choke from Modified to open is fine; again, testing can make the choice for you.


Here's a link to a site with some pretty good basics on slugs. If you want more just ask.



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[quote=GunSmoke16610;86159]I would like to shoot slugs out of my m4 do I need to change the choke to do so?




You might also check Brenneke at "www dot brennekeusa dot com". They have a guide for choked-barrel compatible slugs here:


www dot brennekeusa dot com/web/text/faq.html#wich


Sorry for the "dot," but I have yet to meet the posting number requirement (5) to post links. :(

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