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Supernova Turkey Tactical Weaver Base Part #


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I am not sure of the tactical base,if it is the same as the regular base that Weaver has or not,but the regular base for the Supernova is the 423,but beware,the base has to have some metal relieved from the rear,it actually hits the rear of the receiver,putting the base in a bind,along with the screws being in a bind,and raising the rear of the base.I am not sure if Weaver is aware of this problem,or if Benelli is aware of it either.I took some of the rear off of mine,then blackened it,and it works fine!Hope this helps!

BTW,the base made by Aimtech and B-Square is supposed to fit the Supernova also,though I am not sure if those bases have the fit problem of the weaver base.Hopefully someone that has that base on their Supernova will chime in and help us all out with that info!

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I purchased the B-square and it fit's snug on the receiver. In fact it fits nicer on the SuperNova then the regular Nova.


So far I have had no problems taking it off and placing it back with out my scope getting of zero.


If you do get the B-Squre, just buy the saddle mount itself. The scope they have on the combo model sucks.

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