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  1. Your SBE is shooting high with all the chokes? Did you replace the factory front bead? On my SBE, after replacing the front bead with a Tru Glo sight, it brought my POI up about 3" @ 30 yds. It's good for trap.
  2. I purchased the B-square and it fit's snug on the receiver. In fact it fits nicer on the SuperNova then the regular Nova. So far I have had no problems taking it off and placing it back with out my scope getting of zero. If you do get the B-Squre, just buy the saddle mount itself. The scope they have on the combo model sucks.
  3. I have the CT version and my buddy has the steady grip. When shooting the 3 1/2" or even the 3", I have to say that perceived recoil was more manageable with the steady grip. I was getting punished(***** Slapped) with the 3 1/2" loads while the 3' were tolerable with my CT. I just changed out the gel recoil pad it came with, with a limbsaver. The limbsaver made a big difference. Now shooting with 3 1/2", My cheeks aren't getting punished as bad. The button under the forearm is an added safety feature, it is to unload the chamber with out a new shell being dispensed.
  4. I've been experimenting with different 3- 3 1/2 shells from slugs-turkey loads. The only thing that I didn't like about my SN was I was getting my cheek slapped around with the comfort tek stock. I took the advise of some seasoned shooters and replaced the factory gel recoil pad with a limbsaver recoil pad and now it is much more pleasant to shoot magnum shells. No more bruised cheek!
  5. Good luck in your search. You'll find that the cost of a replacement barrel from Benelli will be about the same cost as buying a new SG.
  6. After many sessions at the patterning board on different weather conditions, I found a good load and choke combination. I think I am ready to mount a scope on my SuperNova. On the last few sessions I used a vise to make sure my POI was almost in the same position. I noticed that after shooting two cartridges, the string (Concentrated group) was just left of center about 3". Should I place the Zero of the scope on that group? This was done at 35yds. If I kept the Scope at Dead center of the POI, I would have a few pellets that would do the trick. What other considerations sh
  7. I just purchased a SuperNova but by far not an expert. A few of my friends have the steady grip and like it. Mine has the comfort tech stock and after shooting a whole box of 3 1/2" 2 load #6, I noticed the stock bulging a tad next to the last chevron. I checked it after I came home, it seemed to be ok. The steady grip to me feels better shooting those same loads and made the gun easier to get back on aim faster. I may be purchasing it myself. Hope this helps.
  8. I contacted the manufacturer of the B-Square and the technical department told me that the saddle mount for the Nova will work on my SuperNova. I ordered it and when I get it, I'll let you all know if it's any good. The only thing I am worried about is that the receiver on the Super is about an 1/8 in wider then the Nova. If it doesn't fit, I guess I can just exchange it for the "rib mount".
  9. I was just using 2 3/4 #7 shot skeet loads. The choke would be finger loose maybe a 1/4 turn.
  10. I was out at the trap range breaking in my Super Nova. Patterning all the stock chokes. I noticed that every third or fourth shot my "Modified Choke" would spin loose. My other two chokes don't loosen up. ??????? What gives? Did I get a bad choke or is this a common thing? I only ask because I am new to using a SG.
  11. How are you all? I'm new to this board. Well I just picked up a new supernova and trying to get accessories for it. I was looking into the B-Mount but doesn't look like they make one for this model. I don't really want to tap the receiver and mount a base because I still want to use it to shoot small game bird/trap/skeet. Does anyone know of a manufacture that makes a similar mount system as the B-Mount? I went to Cabelas and they show one for the "Nova" but...the recievers look different. Any help or alternative suggestions?
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