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M2 Recoil Pad Problems still exist


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I purchased an M2 in 07 to replace the M1 that I gave to me soldier son. The M2 recoil pad has been an absolute nightmare. Thus far Benelli CS has been good. I lost the 1st recoil pad on the SD pheasant opener and luckily I brought a spare gun. Contacted Benelli and they sent out a new recoil pad nc. I followed their recomendation to clean the new pad with a cleaner, roughed it up a bit with some sand paper, cleaned the inside of the stock and then inserted the pad. 3 more trips to SD and a few goose hunts thrown in and the **** pad has fallen out at least 3 more times. Now I have used my wifes glue gun but this can not be the final solution. Is there a stock issue? My M2 is a left hand model.

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i also have experienced a nightmare with my new m2 stock. My pad has fallen off twice and eventually the comb buckled and broke the guide tab under the comb. The gun had only been fired a maximum of 25 times. I am a true bennelli fan, but feel the quality in the comforttech has been a let down!! I did send the stock back to benelli and they replaced at no cost. I am also wondering if the is a major problem with this gun???

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I know that you shouldnt have to do anything to repair it,but if you really like the gun,why don't you replace the factory pad with a limbsaver pad?They have a model that might possibly fit.It is the #10402 pad.It has a plastic bracket designed to fit inside the stock then you screw the pad to the bracket.It is made for the SBE synthetic stock,so I am not real sure it will be an exact fit.But it is a possible fix to your problem and may be better in the long run if you really like your gun!Hope this helps ya!

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