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M4 mag tube replacement


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New to the forum and I had 2 questions:

1. I ordered the 6 shot mag tube from Numrich and I was wondering about the success or problems others have encountered with this particular tube


2. I understand that a heat gun is necessary to remove the factory tube. Any success stories or bad experiences with this (finish damage, etc.)? Any tips or comments would be appreciated.



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Heat the reciever and it will expand making the tube looser. If you heat the tube, it will expand making it more difficult to remove than if you had just heated the reciever.



This is true, you want to heat the Receiver NOT the tube.


Not only will it take longer, physics are against you.


Mine came out very easy. About 3min with a heat gun on a low setting. At that time, I was able to loosen it with my bare hands super easy.

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