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Sling for Benelli Super Nova Steady Grip


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I use the Claw also,but I just used a sling swivel on the end that fastens to the magazine cap.I thought about putting a sling stud in the buttstock also but didnt want to since it already has the sling loop on the side of the stock.If you want to use the factory sling mount in the stock,just take the swivel off of the end.

I used the rifle model,works great and is plenty long!

Be sure and let all of us know how you like your Steadygrip.I wasnt real sure about mine but it is really growing on me!

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Yes, I am the same way with the Benelli - saw it and on a whim bought it and dressed it up for turkey - Indian Creek choke and Burris 1.75-4 scope. It patterns quite nice with Winchester Xtended (3" #6) but the brown Hevi13 (3" #5's) are a dog throught it:confused:



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I havent been able to get a really good pattern from anything loaded with 5's thru my Supernova either.Hevi makes a 3" 2oz loaded with #6's now,I would love to try them.I have been shooting the Hevi 3.5" #6 2.25oz load thru mine,throws a pattern that would be tough to beat.I have even shot the 3.5" 2.25oz #5 thru mine,and it would kill a turkey but it doesnt have near the pattern that the 6's make!

I have also been shooting the WW XR thru mine,the 3.5" #6,havent shot the 3" #6 yet,though I will sometime,just to try it.Trial and error,and experimentation,lol.Gotta love it!

The chokes i have used are Jellyhead,Carlson's and Briley!

What kinda pattern you get with the Indian Creek?

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