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Aftermarket Recoil Pad for SuperNova with Steady Grip Stock


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I just about have my SuperNova done....set-up to be a turkey killing machine!!! My only problem is that I am trying to find a recoil pad to fit the Benelli Steady Grip Stock. Have you guys found anything??? I really don't want a slip on type pad...but that seems to be all I can find. Not to mention, when I talked to the gentleman at Limbsaver about the recoil pad, he was, well, not very nice and very arrogant when he told me they only make the slip on for the steady grip stock. And when I asked what size...his response was..."measure it...then order one...thanks for the call...bye." I think someone whizzed in wheaties that day!!!


Anyway...any help with a recoil pad for a steady grip stock would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!! And if you have a slip on pad...let me know how it fits and if you have had trouble with it.


Thanks guys!!!!

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got the steadygrip stock on my new supernova and the pad from the comfortech stock fitted. It's kinda hard to get in but once it s done, it's a lot softer... I suggest you getting the comfortech gel pads and put it on your steadygrip...


P.S. sorry for the huge image...


That is not the comfortech gel recoil pad. The Supernova comfortech stocks do not come with gel recoil pads on them. They do on the Super Black Eagle II but not on the Supernova for some reason. The gel pad from Benelli does not fit on pistol grip stock.

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the pad isn't the comfortech one but the Supernova's stock is quite similar to the SBEII one and my stock's pad fitted so... Also, I saw a Supernova SteadyGrip with the comfortech pad at the Hunting & Fishing show of Quebec. It's not made to fit cause it's really thight but it actually fits...

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