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Sbe Ii Sling Swivels

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Have you tried the Hushstalkerll swivels by Quake Industries?They are some sort of polymer so they shouldnt bother the metal cap and are quiet.

If that doesnt work,there is a new adaptor made called a Swiftach Buckle Adaptor.It acts as a swivel stud,it goes on between your magazine cap and the barrel post,you just unscrew the mag cap,put the adaptor on and screw the cap back on.It should work on any shotgun with a screw off mag cap.I found them at midwestturkeycall.com.Hope that helps ya!

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I know i'm digging up an old thread here but i just got a new SBE 2 last year and I have the same exact problem as Bartman. Anyone else? It makes a louder popping noise than you would think when you're sneaking around in the turkey woods.. very aggravating.

Does the M2 do this also?

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