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My 1st bird this year


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1st thanks to all the great guys that have given great advice over the years, it certainly helped me.


My 1st bird of the year is down!!!! He answered calls for about 30 minutes and came into a field where I had 3 decoys set up. I had to move my shotgun to get the shot but luckily the bird had to cross a ditch to get closer. When his head went down I slowly moved the shotgun about 30 degrees and when he reappeared I waited for about 2 seconds and figured I should take the shot. 1 shot, 1 flap of the wings, 1 dead tom. 22 lbs, 10" beard and 1' spurs. Another gobbler came from about 200 yards away while I was calling this one and I think that helped. I saw that bird leave as I was heading back to my truck with bird in hand. Everything happened within 1 hour and I was done by 6:15 a.m. SBE2 w/ Jellyhead & Win XR #6


Woo Hoo!





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