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M4 or supernova - collapsible stock on Nova?


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I’ve been contemplating something… I like the M4, I like the collapsible stock idea, and the fact that it was selected by the Marines. But, I am wondering if the Supernova can take the correct recoil slide ( from an M4 11707) and if so would the collapsible stock would fit?

I tend to like the pump action for tactical shotguns. Not prone to jamming and I like the feature of pushing the button on the lower fore stock that allows for the slide to jack back and combat load another round without using the magazine. Very versatile and a great idea. Suppose you had a need to bang out a slug at a bad guy (IE he got behind something that OO buck would not penetrate)…

Anyone know if the supernova can take the 11707 recoil slide and the collapsible stock?

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