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Benelli nova Bolt not locking?

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Hey, i just bought a benelli nova tactical 18.5" from a buddy of mine, Ive never fire a pump action before. When i fire a round the bolt slides back about a half inch, just enouh to see the brass on the shotgun casing. Is this supposed to happen? or is the gun malfunctioning? any help would be appreciated, thanks:confused:

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k, i have very limited experience, but from what i understand this may be normal. I have a supernova, which i think is similar enough, and when you pull the trigger, the action unlocks, which allows the forend to move. When the gun jumps around from the recoil, you actually end up moving the forend back a bit yourself, which slides the bolt back a hair. Because the shot and all the gases blow out so fast, they are long gone though before the bolt slides back, so I don't think this is a problem.

Kind of like a semi-auto pistol slide goes back "as" the bullet is fired, but since the bullet and gasses go out so fast, by the time the slide moves back any appreciable distance, everything has allready left the front end of the barrel.

I have only owned a shotgun for a month though, so this is a very inexpert opinion...


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A few years ago, the quick slide release of the Nova pump guns was a major selling point, advertised as the fastest second shot available from a pump gun. Borrow a Mossy or Remington pump and compare them with how fast you can get a second shot ready. Then try your Nova. You will see a great difference. Of course some folks will argue that it's the person not the gun that makes a fast second shot, but I'm talking about shotgun neophytes not life long pump users. For you wise guys out their, professional exhibition shooters don't count :eek:

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I love my nova, and it seems to definitely be faster than a remington, but I also have an Ithaca featherlight 37is capable of "slam fire". Just hold down the trigger and pump the action repeatedly and it continues to fire until empty. Their claim at one time was its faster than some semi auto's, but I don't have one to compare.

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