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12 ga. 00 buck patterns


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I have a Nova 12 ga., which I use for a variety of game. What would be the best choke tube to acheive the tightest pattern from 00 buck. I have shot at Deer and missed at 30-45 yds because the patterns is to broad, using the full choke tube. Should I be using the imp. cyl. ? If not what tube is available for purchase which would tighten the pattern? Your assistance addressing this issue is greatly appreciated.


I also use the Nova to hunt small game using no. 4 & 6 shot. With these loads the patterns are consistently tight and deadly.

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I've found that patterning tells you a lot about buckshot performance. I would experiment with several OO loads from different manufacturers and see how the patterns compare. Also, the full choke you are using might be deforming the shot and causing some openings in your patterns. Why not start with the I.C. tube and then the modified to see how they compare? Unless you spend some time patterning your gun, you're just going to be guessing about what is best.

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I suspect your constricting that load too much and by the time those few pellets leave your barrel, they are so glad to be "free" they are flying everywhere.

You need to pattern all the choke tubes that came with that Nova, keeping the same make and model of shell (your preference). Each time you change the load, you need to repeat the patterning procedure.

Make a 30" circle on some paper product, stand back 40 yds and let a load fly. Repeat with a fresh peice of paper/circle for each of your choke tubes. See which tubes keeps the most pellets inside the circle and voila...you have your tube/load combination.

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As a follow-up to bwnr's comments, you may find that your patterns aren't centered where you are pointing. It isn't uncommon to find a pattern centered considerable away from where you think it will hit. This is especially true if you are only using a bead front sight, and it may not be as noticable when you are using smaller shot. Good luck!

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I've always been told the same thing when I purchased my gun.


I shot every buckshot I could find in my IC, M, IM, F, and pattern master choke tubes. My patterns were the tightest with the pattern master and the biggest with the IC.


Although the pattern master pattern was the best, I still had a huge hole in the middle of the pattern (i.e. where the deer's head would be)


Another thing is the copper plated patterned better than the other shells and the #1's were better than the 00, but still not good enough for me.


I just ordered some of the hevishot buckshot from cabelas. I'll let everyone know how those pattern.

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