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Benelli pre-ban M1 super 90 tactical: good deal?


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I have a chance to buy a used but as new in box with papers, pre-ban Benelli M1 Super 90 tactical with Daves Metal Works modified bolt handle, Nordic Components Rail, and Streamlight TLR-2 with pressure switch. Factory Benelli extension tube extends just under the 18.5 barrel. Includes one (modified) choke that came with gun new.

Standard grip with rifle sights. Seller says he shot it at most 4 times and says its like new. He sent me several pics and it does look like new. $900 shipped.


good deal? I prefer the standard grip vs the pistol grip but I'm not too sure about rifle sights. I just bought a HK clone HK91 rifle with ghost sights and I shot this gun better than my Remington 11-87 with Hastings barrel and rifle sights, when shooting slugs. Maybe it was the sights that did it. Ghost sights are pretty expensive to add on.


it is worth it without the ghost sights? New M2s are going for about $1050, with ghost sights.


I would be using this to get into more of combat shotgunning at my local range every so often but not hardcore competition tactical stuff. Maybe blasting shells all day up at my parent's farm once in a while as well. I was thinking to ditch the accessories except for the mag extension.


thanks for the opinions.

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A pre-ban M1S90 typically has a full length magazine tube. The AWB as it related to the MS190 was primarily directed towards reducing fixed magazine capacity in order to prevent pistol gripped variants from being defined as assault weapons.

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I have the H+K imported M1 Super 90 in Defense Configuration. Purchased in 1986. It's all black with pistol grip and plain rifle sites. No choke tubes as it's bored cylinder. It holds 7+1 of 2+3/4 inch and will fire 3" shells. Cost $558 brand new in 1986. A similuar one in like new condition should be worth the $900 asking price on todays market. Here in Taxachusetts, I could ask almost any price and it would be sold before I even handed it over to my local gun store. Pre-ban ( now called assault weapons ) with the proper paper work is the only way to buy these now. If Massachusetts ever drops their weapons restrictions, then my M1 Super 90 would drop in price to about $600 (it's well shot and works perfect). But that's going to happen, so the sky is the limit and if I was selling (I'm not) the price starts at $3500 and with the added normal stock, 28" vent barrel with 4 chokes and shell limiter, add another $2000.

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