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I ordered a new SBE II (LH) with 28" bbl and in black synthetic. in March and finally picked it up a week ago. I cleaned and lubed it and took it to the range this past Friday. What a dream machine! :) I never even had a chance to break it in with heavy field loads--just shot 1.125 oz target loads, and it cycled these fine all afternoon long.


I am now convinced, indeed, dead certain, that this gun is worth every penny I plunked down for it. It fits me very well and handles very well, too. It is also so easy to clean when done. I will for sure be a dedicated Benelli owner/shooter for the rest of my life!


Couple of minor gripes: The operating handle is very hard to get out--have to wrap it in cloth and use pliers to dislodge it. The trigger assembly is a bit tricky to get back into place, but I think I now have this part down.


Just wanted to share this with some other Benelli fans.



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Glad to hear that you like your new SBEII. I have the same gun only camo with a 26" barrel. As far as the operating handle goes, take an old shoe string and wrap it around the handle. A little tug and it will come right out. It also takes away the risk of scratching your new gun. Have fun.

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putting the trigger part back got me at first to..it took me a good hour to finally figure out to push the release button on the side and it will slide right in....i wish i had gotten a 26 in barrell instead of a 28 i just dont like long barrells

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