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Benelli M4 w/ ACOG 6x for slugs at 600 yards

Super M4

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So this ACOG 6x48 came in the shop today and it's friggin huge. Thought it might look cool on the Benelli M4. This thread was a joke, not foreal. No worries on me trying to shoot slugs at 600yds with a shotgun. Although, it is a Benelli. Can't say it can't be done. LOL :D


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I got a mental picture of a 3in. shell +P with a regular 2.75in armor piercing slug in it.




How sweet would a super tight 9 or 8 pellet tracer shell be super ++P high freakin velocity buckshot.


GOD! I'm about to have a seizure seeing anime mullticolored buckshot flying though the air in a tight group all pokemon and **** ******* badass YYYYEEEAAAAAA **** YEAAAAa!!!!!!!

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