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Problem With a brand new M3s90


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I purchased a used M3S90 about 6 months ago and I have to say it was the best money I ever spent on a fire arm, I am overly impressed with it!


Based on my experience, and my buddy's experience with my M3, my buddy decides to pick one up, he happens to score a decent deal on a new one but is having some issues with it; I was wondering if any one could help us out?


We have not put any live rounds through it, but have cycled snap caps through it, they were new and good quality snap caps so they are not the issue. Basically there are two issues they are probably related, the first thing is that in pump mode it seems like the bolt group is not fully locking forward, it takes an extra push to get it to lock in place, then when you pull the trigger the mag-tube double feeds shells into the lifter and it is hard to pump the gun. I've disassembled and reassembled the gun a couple of times but I have not removed the lower to inspect it.



I feel bad because this guy is kinda new to guns and dropped a healthy amount on this gun upon my recommendation, I'd hate for him to have to mail it in for guarantee work if it is something simple we can fix, any ideas?




your insight is appreciated



thank you



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